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Project Description
XP Tools is a set of small tools useful in Extreme Programming methodology of Software development. Card Wall helps us keep track of story status and Pairing Matrix helps us keep track of who paired with whom on which stories.

The card wall shows all cards that the team wants to track for the current iteration. One can add cards and team members by clicking on the tool bar buttons on top left. The tool also integrates with Mingle and has the capability to give you a read only view of the mingle cards. Mingle cards can be added to the card wall to track their progress and do sign ups during stand ups. During stand ups the team can assign team members to specific cards. The project cards on the wall also gives vital information like number of days worked on a card. This gives a lot of visibility to the progress of the team in an iteration on a continuous basis.

Currently the card wall shows 3 different types of walls
  1. Story wall for tracking story development
  2. Regression wall for tracking regression defects
  3. DPS wall for tracking production defects

The Pairing Matrix button in the tool bar at the top left shows that statistics of how many times a developer has worked with other developers in the team. This helps in deciding whom one should pair with more and whom she should pair less.

The user can configure mingle urls for each of the wall in the settings and see all mingle cards in a dialog. She can then add specific cards from mingle to the card wall to track them. The last button in tool bar syncs all card statuses from mingle and moves them into appropriate lanes in the card wall.

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